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The Warmth of the Afternoon
publish time:2014-02-12 17:18:49

Mention of the afternoon tea would always arouse an image of

nobleness and elegance in one's mind,

as if the aristocratic living in the old times is represented.   
Our coffee shop runs a little stream among a bamboo forest,

creating a beautiful ambience through all four seasons. 
Now that spring already begins, and we are about to welcome the spring blossoms,

 our members of food and beverage department,

after a long time of preparation,   
is going to present you a pleasant afternoon teatime enjoyment.   
The modern pace of life is fast.   
Although we would never be able to enjoy an afternoon tea with

complicated procedures formally as a hundred years ago,

 we could still give ourselves a little time to have some biscuits,

enjoy the beautiful scenery, relax a while and

 have some more warmth among this transient life.

Maybe this is the meaning of Victorian afternoon tea from the faraway times.